Maximize your app’s ROAS with LTV and Churn Predictions

Get accurate insights about mobile app users, their lifetime value and churn probability from Day 1 of your ad campaign
>90% prediction accuracy even with no activity
User-level insights
Available in all analytics reports from Day 1

Maximize ad performance based on LTV Predictions

LTV Predictions is an ML model that evaluates each user within 24 hours of them joining the app and forms an LTV prediction for 28 days that follow.

By categorizing users into top 5%, top 20%, or top 50% cohorts, AppMetrica enables you to elevate your revenue and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) by strategically refining your ad campaigns according to precise predictions based on advanced AI technology.

Send postbacks to your ad network or MMP

Streamline your ad campaign optimization by sending postbacks directly from your AppMetrica workspace to ad networks or your MMP.

Pinpoint users with the highest Lifetime Value (LTV), identify their sources, and strategically optimize channels and campaigns with just one click.

Minimize user churn with personalized campaigns

Identify and retain users at risk of churn by predicting user behavior over the first 3 weeks after installation.

Churn Predictions categorize users into groups based on churn probability >95%, 75-95%, 50-75%, and <50%, enabling targeted retention and re-engagement strategies such as personalized push notifications and incentives. The model incorporates the 3 sigma rule, ensuring an accuracy rate exceeding 90%.

High accuracy based
on Big Data

Unlike classic optimization suggestions based on traditional metrics like ‘time spent’ and ‘engagement’, AppMetrica’s new AI-powered feature shows an overwhelming advantage of optimizing campaigns based on predictive analytics.

Daily data

LTV and churn predictions are updated every 24 hours even in the absence of revenue data, providing businesses with real-time, data-driven insights for informed and timely decision-making.

Video Guide

In the video below, you will learn how to easily find the most effective advertising channels, optimize your advertising campaigns and retain users in AppMetrica.

How-to Guide

Explore a detailed guide with step-by-step instructions on using LTV and Churn Predictions in AppMetrica.

Case study

In a quest to find the best possible optimization strategy, Yandex Games ran an A/B test to compare two methods: a traditional one, optimizing based on the users’ behavior in the app within the first few minutes, and one based on the topLTV parameter.

The predictive model attracted more engaged users without changing their cost — an incredible result that helped Yandex Games refine its marketing strategy and increase user engagement.

Who can use predictive analytics

Gaming apps

Tailor your marketing campaigns to attract even more users with higher long-term value based on topLTV parameters.

Use churn predictions to identify when and why users might leave a game and minimize those risks.

Optimize your monetization strategy by observing highest-paying users and identifying the channels they came from.

Ecommerce apps

Segment customers based on their spending habits and personalize your marketing campaigns for high-value customers.

Forecast demand for certain products and optimize your inventory and marketing efforts based on customer preferences.

Identify users who abandon their shopping carts and implement targeted strategies like personalized reminders or discounts.

Subscription-based apps

Determine the optimal pricing strategy for subscription-based apps based on LTV data and adjust pricing tiers.

Personalize content recommendations for your topLTV customers to grow user satisfaction and subscription duration.

Identify patterns that precede user cancellations and implement proactive measures to reduce churn.

Ready to maximize your ROAS with accurate LTV and Churn Predictions?


Everyone who is interested in effectively attracting and retaining users in the app: marketers, user acquisition managers, sales managers, product managers, app owners and more.
AppMetrica's LTV Predictions leverage AI to find potential users with the highest LTV. It allows you to optimize your strategies by targeting users who are likely to yield the highest returns. LTV Predictions evaluate each user within 24 hours of them joining the app and forms a forecast for 28 days that follow.
Churn Predictions enable app owners and marketing teams to identify new users who are most likely to churn over time as soon as they install the app. The AI model analyzes all active users over the period of 3 weeks, scoring their activity on a daily basis. The generated report splits all users in groups based on churn probability: >95%, 75-95%, 50-75%, and <50%. 
In contrast to classic optimization suggestions based on traditional metrics like ‘time spent’ and ‘engagement’, the new AI-based predictive model collects and analyzes massive amounts of data around every user’s potential LTV. The predictions are formed based on the user’s activity in your app within 24 hours of them installing it, as well as the behavior of users in similar apps. The massive sample size of analyzed data ensures the highest possible accuracy while maintaining the users’ anonymity.
If you are already using AppMetrica, you can access LTV and Churn Predictions by upgrading your subscription to a Pro plan directly from your account. You can also request a free trial of the feature by contacting support. If you are new to AppMetrica, you can try LTV and Churn Predictions as part of a free trial. Get in touch with us for a quick product demo and a free trial.
LTV and Churn Predictions is available as part of AppMetrica’s Pro plan, starting at $3000/mo. Reach out to us to upgrade your current subscription or get a free trial.