Free ad tracking and full-stack app analytics
The better you know your audience, the more effectively you can work with it.
AppMetrica is a free tool that collects real-time data on where your mobile app’s users come from, how
they use your app, and any crashes or errors that might occur.
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Free tracking
Track all sources of traffic – whether from websites, mailing lists, QR codes, or advertising.
AppMetrica already works with some major advertising networks, but if you need one
that isn’t yet participating, send us a request.
Cohort analysis
Analyse audience retention; evaluate efficacy of ad campaigns and new releases. AppMetrica provides cohort reports by installation date, and further segments it by traffic source, app version and other filters.
Custom partners
If the list of advertising networks does not include those that you need, or you would like to bring traffic from your own platform, you can independently connect them via the tracker interface.
Custom postbacks
This function allows you to send your partners the parameters of effective installs and events in real time – and instantly optimize CPI and CPA campaigns.
Configure the tracker so that users who have already installed an app will go straight to it and not the store when they click an ad link. Deeplinking can also be used for customer re-engagement campaigns.
Analytics tools
AppMetrica collects detailed statistics about your audience, monitors crashes
and provides ready data in the form of easy-to-read, custom-made graphic reports.
To study a particular part of your audience, create a segment according to the attributes of your choice. Save segments and compare their indicators.
AppMetrica provides information about audience members' gender and age. This data appears in a separate report, and may also be used as a parameter in other usage reports.
Find out which countries, regions and even cities your audience is coming from. Receive the information in the form of a graph or a map.
Real-time data
Get up-to-the minute statistics. All data about installations and usage is gathered and processed into reports in real time.
Crash reports
AppMetrica provides you with easy-to-read, symbolicated crash reports, allowing you to group similar errors. Analyse them using filters and search.
Granular Data
AppMetrica’s API allows to pull raw data as-is. It allows building in-house reporting or use it for retargeting.
More than 3 billion
That's how many events AppMetrica processes every day – and it's capable of more.
You can use it free of charge, regardless of the data volume.
Getting started
  1. Register your application in AppMetrica and get an API key
  2. Integrate AppMetrica SDK into you application
  3. Check out sample apps for Android, iOS, Windows, Unity and Xamarin
  4. Learn more about AppMetrica