End-to-end analytics
for perfect app performance
AppMetrica is a marketing platform for app install attribution, app analytics, and push campaigns.
Track all kinds of your ad campaigns, get insights with user-centric analytics, and communicate with your users just in time.
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Accurate tracking for all traffic sources – web, in-app, email, IMs and offline.
Analyze campaigns performance in details and breakdown to media sources, ad placements, and even specific creatives in real-time.
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Insightful Reports
Get all the conversion data starting from your ad partner performance and right down to target action in your app.
Attribution Settings
Control reattribution policy on ad campaign level to successfully run retargeting campaigns and set the lookback window for each attribution method separately.
Custom Postbacks
Tune postbacks for installs and post-install user actions to send data to ad partners for CPI and CPA optimization and dynamic retargeting.
Use AppMetrica deeplinks for seamless user navigation between apps and web pages and to deliver most relevant content in the app.
User-centric Analytics
AppMetrica provides comprehensive set of reports about users activity and engagement, product performance and app stability.
Behavioral Segmentation
View user properties, activity and engagement and group them by behavior patterns based on their activity data. Get product insights with AppMetrica's comprehensive set of reports.
Cohort Analysis
Check out basic retention metrics or analyze user stickiness. Evaluate audience lifetime with rolling retention report.
Find out which countries, regions and even cities your audience is coming from and use this data for segmentation.
Real-time Data
Get up-to-the minute statistics. All application events and user actions are processed and delivered for reports and API access in real-time.
Crash Reports
AppMetrica provides you with easy-to-read crash reports, allowing you to assess error severity by affected users share, investigate and fix the problem.
Granular Data
Use the Logs API to pull raw data from AppMetrica. Export data for your internal BI or analytics or use it for retargeting.
Push Campaigns
Deliver relevant offer in time to increase conversion rate, get back and re-engage churning users
or simply tell your audience about new features.
Flexible Targeting
Build audiences for targeted push campaigns using all collected user actions and properties with AppMetrica segmentation feature.
Smart Push Composer
Compose a perfect cross-platform push message with rich content in user-preferred language. Schedule the sending. Find the most efficient with AB-test feature.
Detailed Statistics
Analyze vital push-campaign metrics including Deliver/Open/Convert rate. Compare results from different campaigns and use collected data for behavioral segmentation.
More than 12 billion
That's how many events AppMetrica processes every day – and it's capable of more.
You can use it free of charge, regardless of the data volume.
Getting started
  1. Register your application in AppMetrica and get an API key
  2. Integrate AppMetrica SDK into you application
  3. Check out sample apps for Android, iOS, Windows, Unity and Xamarin
  4. Learn more about AppMetrica
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