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AppMetrica News in August

Important updates for AppMetrica over the past month: real-time crash and error notifications, automatic data export to Yandex.Cloud, Push API update, and new macros and postbacks on purchases for more effective advertising.

Crashes and errors

AppMetrica will help you quickly know about bugs and errors. Just set your email in notification settings and monitoring will be activated. Configure email sending settings and go to the report with crash details in one click. 


Now you can enable automatic data export to Yandex.Cloud. This will save you time on making requests for unaggregated data uploading — it will be uploaded to the cloud automatically. In Yandex.Cloud you can create your slices and selections using SQL queries and other ClickHouse DB tools or visualize data on DataLens dashboards and charts right away.


We've added a general history of AppMetrica changes to the documentation. Now all SDK, interface and API updates are on one page.

Push notifications

To make push notifications more noticeable, we've just added on iOS the option to embed images into them. The update only works through the Push API for now, but in a couple of weeks we' ll add the feature to the UI as well.


AppMetrica now offers postbacks on purchases and new macros that also work for e-commerce events. Send the purchase price, SKU, order ID and other data. So now you can not only send postbacks on purchases, but also provide advertising systems with additional parameters. This way you can attract more paying users and spend your advertising budget more effectively.

Technical updates

Push Android SDK 

  • We've updated our support for firebase-messaging: 22.0.0. 

Push iOS SDK

  • Upgraded the minimum iOS version from 8 to 9. 
  • Moved to xcframework: current version for CocoaPods 1.10 or Carthage 0.38. 
  • Added support for simulators on M1. 
  • Added distribution via Swift Package Manager.