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Get email notifications about app errors and crashes

Expanding your app might affect its stability: third-party libraries, changes on the server, and version compatibility. In such a complex system, it's easy to miss a small error. And that small error can gradually evolve into a critical error and damage your app.

To prevent this, AppMetrica now provides detailed crash and error reports and promptly notifies you about them.

How AppMetrica notifications work

The system scans the app every 10 minutes. If it detects an error or crash, it immediately reports it to your email address.

You can choose which crashes to be notified about. For example, if you're only interested in new or recurring crashes, you can choose to only receive those notifications in the AppMetrica settings. You can also get notifications when the number of sessions with errors begins to spike.

Go to the report directly from the email and check which app version crashed. See what the user did before their session crashed. This will help you quickly identify the error and fix it.

How to enable notifications

Go to Crashes in the AppMetrica settings and set the conditions for receiving notifications. This depends on your tasks:

  • Monitor new errors and crashes. Select "When a new group appears" if you want to receive notifications about crashes that hadn't been observed in the app before or that have reappeared in a new version. Learn more about grouping errors and crashes.
  • Maintain app stability. Specify the percentage of problem sessions you want to be notified about by email. For example, enter 0.2% in the "Sessions with crashes" field if your internal SLA doesn't allow more than 0.2% of all sessions to be interrupted due to crashes.
  • See how a specific problem develops. You can enter a different value to monitor errors and crashes that belong to the same group. This should be lower than the total crash rate. So, if 0.2% of all sessions is acceptable, enter 0.1% in the "Sessions with crashes from the same group" field for crashes in a specific group.

How these notifications help

  • You don't have to constantly monitor your app. Instead, you get real-time crash monitoring to prevent widespread failure.
  • This reduces the time spent identifying and debugging crashes. You get an email, look at the report, and fix the error.


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2 July, 15:30
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