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AppMetrica in June

Here is the AppMetrica news in June.


Use SKAD Report for iOS 14.5 installation source tracking. From now AppMetrica provides the report with aggregated data from ad networks that run through SKAdNetwork.

And we've updated the UA, Remarketing, and Ecommerce reports groupings — compare data across time periods.

Product analytics

Track user behavior in apps with WebView. Now this is possible using a method for sending events from the JS code.

How it works:

Technical updates

  • Unity 3.8.0 — AppMetrica SDK versions were updated (iOS 3.16.0, Android 3.21.1). 
  • AppMetrica Build Plugin 0.3.0 — Gradle 7 support was added.
  • iOS SDK 3.17.0 — Support for M1 was added.
  • Crash plugin, version 0.2.4 — AGP 4.2 support was added. And we fixed bugs and improved stability.


The AppMetrica team