January 11 2018

Introducing AppMetrica Push API

With push campaigns you can easily notify your audience about special offers, technical issues and other important events. Doing flexible targeting you will significantly increase the conversion rate of your app.

Today we present a toolkit for developers that allows you to send out push campaigns bypassing the AppMetrica web interface.

Why do you need Push API

Push API gives developers access to push campaigns. Now you can:

Use to your own base of push tokens

Push API allows you to manually specify a list of push tokens whose owners will receive a notification. Therefore you are not limited by our segment system.

If you used to use other push notification services you've probably collected segments manually. Now you can use them in AppMetrica.

Integrate AppMetrica Push into your dashboard or server infrastructure

You can send requests to Push API from your server. It can be done automatically by scripts on your backend.

For example, if a user made a purchase on the web site by logging into his account, the application does not know about it. By matching users' logins with advertising identifiers of their devices you can target push campaigns to users who have made a purchase not only in the application but also on the web site.

The statistics of the push campaign can be added to the dashboard along with metrics from the Reporting API.

How to create a segment for the Push API

You can easily grab all the push tokens with AppMetrica's Data Export tool.

How to start using Push API

Push API documentation as always is collected on our portal.

If you have any questions about the API write us to — we are always happy to help, accept your wishes, comments and just chat about mobile analytics.

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AppMetrica team