New installs are not shown in statistics

In the Events and Engagement reports, check if information about events and sessions is being received:

  • If there are no installs shown, but there are events and sessions, check the use of the method or property handleFirstActivationAsUpdate in the extended configuration.

    This option is disabled by default and new installs are shown in reports. If this option is enabled, all new installs will be considered an app update and will not be shown in the reports. See examples for Android and iOS.

  • If there are no installs, events, or sessions, make sure that AppMetrica is tracking session activity correctly.

    If your app supports devices with the version:

    • Android 4.0 and higher, call the method enableActivityAutoTracking after initializing the library and before opening the first screen.
    • Android below 4.0, use the methods YandexMetrica.resumeSession(activity) and YandexMetrica.pauseSession(activity).