Postback policy

Install postback

AppMetrica sends an install postback for successful attribution. The install postback is sent in real time with a delay of no more than a few minutes.

Note. Keep in mind that the attribution process is only run when the AppMetrica SDK that is integrated in the app successfully sent data to the server. In order for this to happen, the mobile device must be connected to the internet.

Event postback

AppMetrica sends an event postback when it receives the event from the app that is specified in the tracker settings. It is also necessary that this app installation was previously attributed to this tracker.

The maximum period for sending an event postback is 6 months from the time of app installation.

Ecommerce postback

AppMetrica sends an ecommerce postback when an ecommerce event is received from the app.

The maximum timeframe for sending an ecommerce postback from the moment of the ecommerce event is 6 months.

Purchase postback

AppMetrica sends a purchase postback when an inapp purchase event is received from the app.

The maximum timeframe for sending a purchase postback from the moment of the inapp purchase is 6 months.

Unattributed postbacks

For each type of postback, you can enable postback sending for all users' actions, regardless of whether their installation was attributed to the traffic source or not.


A postback is a GET or POST request sent over HTTP or HTTPS (recommended) to the postback URL specified in the tracker settings.

Sending the postback is considered unsuccessful if:

  • The HTTP response code is something other than 200-x.
  • The server didn't respond within 5 seconds.

It will be re-sent every 3 minutes. If the postback was't sent successfully within 24 hours of the first attempt, no more attempts will be made.

AppMetrica uses the postback request User-Agent Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; YandexMetrika/2.0; +