Tracking in iOS 14.5+

Changes in iOS 14.5

Starting with iOS 14.5, by default, apps and ad networks don't have access to the IDFA, a device ID that helps them recognize the same user across the apps.

There are two was to request IDFA access from the user:
  • Show the selection window when the app starts, but only once.
  • Suggest going to system settings.
If the user refuses, you won't be able to identify the device.

Previously, the device owner could also prohibit apps from receiving the IDFA (through the same system settings), but only a small percentage of users did this. Now the share of users without an IDFA will grow significantly.

Along with this restriction, Apple's new rules prohibit attempts to identify the device in other ways, including heuristic ones: the company does not allow the use of fingerprints or probability matching.