Configuring tracking for Facebook campaigns for Android

AppMetrica tracks Facebook ad campaigns on Android using Google Play Install Referrer.

For tracking to work, specify Install Referrer Decryption Key (Facebook's unique decryption key for attribution data) in the tracker settings for the Facebook partner. You can create just one tracker for all ad campaigns of one app. It tracks all installations via Install Referrer.

The section below describes the steps for setting up a tracker to track Facebook ad campaigns:

Step 1. Get the Install Referrer Decryption Key

  1. Log in to your Facebook for Developers account that has access to the tracked app.
  2. Go to the My apps section and select the app that you want to set up tracking for.
  3. For the selected app, go to Settings → Basic.
  4. At the bottom of the page, in the section with the Android app, copy the Install Referrer Decryption Key.

Step 2. Create a tracker in AppMetrica

Create a tracker in the AppMetrica interface. Pay special attention to the following settings:

  1. Go to the Campaign details section and choose Facebook as a media source.
  2. In the Destination link settings section, the Install Referrer tracking method is selected by default. That's the most accurate tracking method. We don't recommend changing the default method.
  3. In the Destination link settings section, add the key that you received in the Facebook for Developers account to the Install Referrer Decryption Key box.