Creating a remarketing tracker

Attention. You can only create a tracker after you integrate the AppMetrica SDK. For more information, see Installation and initialization.

This section explains the steps for creating a tracker for a remarketing campaign.

AppMetrica uses a remarketing tracker to track user re-engagement and new installations. The results of the remarketing campaign are available in the Remarketing report.

Note. You can configure Yandex.Direct ad campaign targeting by AppMetrica segments. To do this, save a segment in AppMetrica and add it to Yandex.Audience. For more information, see How to configure retargeting.
  1. Step 1. Prepare your app
  2. Step 2. Fill in the campaign details
  3. Step 3. Configure the destination link
  4. Step 4. (Optional) Configure attribution
  5. Step 5. (Optional) Configure postbacks
  6. Step 5. Save changes and test the tracker
  7. Step 8. Use the created tracking link and re-engagement deeplink

Step 1. Prepare your app

Before starting a remarketing campaign, prepare your app:

  1. Make sure that you have integrated AppMetrica SDK version 3.1.0 or higher.
    Note. If your SDK version is lower than 3.0.0, use the migration guide to SDK 3.x.x.
  2. Add deeplink support to your application.

Step 2. Fill in the campaign details

  1. In the AppMetrica interface, go to Trackers.

  2. In the top-left corner, click Create a tracker.
  3. In block The description of the campaign enable this option This is a remarketing tracker and fill in the fields:
    • Tracker name — A name for the tracker. The tracker will be shown in the Trackers list with the specified name.
    • Application — The application the tracker is being created for.
    • Partner — The media source to attribute clicks, installs, and conversions to. If the media source isn't in the list, you can add it. After being added, the new source will be saved in the list.
      Note. Once the tracker has been created, you can't change the media source in the settings.

Step 3. Configure the destination link

Fill in the fields in the Destination link settings section:

Available fields:

  • Platform — The target platform: Android and iOS.
  • Destination URL — A link that leads to the app store or a page where the user can install the app.
  • Deeplink — A link in the myapp://some_data format which can be used to send data to the application.

    To track app openings via deeplink, configure your app to support them (Android | iOS).

    Attention. A deeplink is required for remarketing campaigns.

Step 4. (Optional) Configure attribution

Attribution correctly detects the source that attracted users to your app and accurately correlates an app install with a click on an ad.

For more information about attribution methods, see AppMetrica tracking