Managing app access

To give another user access to your statistics:

  1. In the Settings section for your app, go to the Access Management tab.
  2. Enter the Yandex email address (login) of the user to grant access to. If this person doesn't have a Yandex account, they will have to create one.
  3. Choose the access level in the drop-down list:
    • “Read only” — The user can view settings and statistics for your app and create and edit funnels. They can't edit funnels that were created by other users.
    • “Read/Edit” — The user has full access to app management (except deleting the app).

    You can also add access for an agency and specify events and advertising partners that might be of interest to the agency. There are several access levels available:

    • “Agency read only” — The user can only view app settings and statistics for selected traffic sources and target events.
    • “Agency read/edit” — The user can change app settings, configure and create trackers, and view statistics for selected traffic sources and target events.
  4. Click Add. An email message will be sent to the specified address with a link to the app statistics in the AppMetrica web interface.
What a user can do with guest access
Action Read only Read/edit Agency read Agency read/edit
View the “Traffic sources” report
View all reports
View revenue metrics in User Acquisition and Remarketing reports
Add new funnels
Edit your funnels
Edit funnels that were created by other users
Create push campaigns
View destination URLs
View deeplinks