User Acquisition SKAdNetwork

The User Acquisition report displays statistics on app install sources obtained from SKAdNetwork, a campaign attribution system on iOS 14.5+ that ensures user privacy. Segmentation and event metrics calculated according to AppMetrica data aren't available in the report.

Learn more about SKAdNetwork.

Note. You can view statistics on Apple Search Ads and the users who agreed to tracking in your app by using a regular User Acquisition report.

Report period

The report is based on the time when data is received from SKAdNetwork: because of the way this technology works, the data is received 24–48 hours after the first launch.

To set the report period, use the drop-down element . The selected time interval can be grouped by hours, days, weeks, or months.

Dimensions and metrics

The report contains metrics grouped into groupings.

To set up groupings and metrics:

  1. Click the button.
  2. In the window that opens, add the groupings and metrics to base the report on.
  3. Configure the order of metrics and groupings.

    The order of metrics determines the order of columns, the order of groupings determines the nesting of rows in the table.

The list of available groupings and metrics:

Dimensions Metrics