Creating a segment

Attention. You can configure Yandex.Direct ad campaign targeting by AppMetrica segments. To do this, save a segment in AppMetrica and add it to Yandex.Audience. For more information, see How to configure retargeting.

To create a new segment:

  1. Go to one of the reports in the AppMetrica interface.
  2. Click to the right of the Segment by user with text block and select a user-level filter.
  3. Set filtering criteria: select the desired values for filtering and set the include/exclude option for the data sample.
  4. Click Apply. To save a segment, click Saved segments → Save segment.

Use the same button to add report-level filters for the corresponding reports. For example, in the Audience report, the button for adding a filter is located to the right of the by sessions with text.

Example of segmentation

Obtain session statistics with the following criteria:

  • User installed the app while located in Russia.
  • User starts the app on a tablet connected via Wi-Fi.
  • User completed the New event event while located in a different country.

Follow these steps in the AppMetrica interface:

  1. Go to the Audience report.
  2. Set user-level filters:

    1. Click  → Installation → Installation geography → Russia → Apply.
    2. Click  → Device → Device type → Tablet → Apply.
  3. Select the report filters:

    1. Click  → Events → New event → Apply.
    2. Click  → Geography → Exclude → Russia → Apply.
    3. Click  → Network → Connection type → Wi-Fi → Apply.
  4. To save a segment, click Saved segments → Save segment.

This will give you statistics about users who meet your criteria.