Crash logs and errors

“Crash logs” report

This report contains information about app crashes. Data on app crashes is processed using AppMetrica. You can use SDK methods to send data to AppMetrica (Android | iOS | Windows).

The report supports data segmentation and shows the following metrics:

  • Devices — The number of devices that registered this crash during the selected time period.
  • Crashes by day — The number of crash events during the selected time period.
  • % of all devices — The percentage of devices that registered the crash out of the total number of devices running the app during the selected time period.

Viewing the crash log

To view the log description, click .

You can also get statistics about devices that sent information about crashes. To view the statistics, click the title of the log. By default, data is grouped by app version. You can choose a different way of grouping data, such as Manufacturer, City, Operator, and so on.

Crash data may be received in obfuscated form from Android and Windows devices, and desymbolicated from iOS devices. Sufficient data can't be extracted from these crash logs to analyze the situation. To view the log description, click .

To deobfuscate or symbolicate the log, click the title and go to the detailed statistics. Then follow the steps for your app's platform:

  1. Click Choose mapping file and upload the mapping.txt file. This file is usually located in <module-name>/build/outputs/mapping/release/ if you use ProGuard.
  2. Click Symbolicate.

For more information about how to get the mapping.txt file, read the Android Studio documentation.

  1. Click Choose ZIP file and upload the ZIP archive containing the app.dSYM or app directory. To upload the app directory, click Choose APP archive.
  2. Click Symbolicate.

For more information about analyzing crash logs, read the Apple documentation.

Operations with the crash log

If necessary, you can leave comments on the crash log. This can be useful if the report is viewed by multiple developers. For example, a developer can leave a comment to inform the manager or team lead that the crash has been fixed and won't appear in the new version.

To add comments, click and enter text in the box. The comment field supports any symbols. For example, if you use a bug tracking system, you can enter a link to the ticket.

To export the log description to a TXT file, click , then click Save. However, if you added comments, they won't be saved in the TXT file.

“Errors” report

This report shows errors registered by the app via the AppMetrica SDK, along with statistical information. For more information about sending error message