Sending errors on iOS

To send your own error message, use the YMMYandexMetrica class and YMMYandexMetricaReporting protocol methods:

Note. These methods are supported since AppMetrica SDK version 3.11.1.

To send error messages, you can use the standard NSError class, the simplified YMMError class, or the YMMErrorRepresentable protocol.

Example with NSError

If errors are sent using the NSError class, they're grouped by the domain domain and the code error code.

NSError *firstError = [NSError errorWithDomain:@""
                                          YMMBacktraceErrorKey: NSThread.callStackReturnAddresses,
                                          NSLocalizedDescriptionKey: @"Error A"
[YMMYandexMetrica reportNSError:firstError onFailure:nil];
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Example with YMMError

If errors are sent using the YMMError class or the YMMErrorRepresentable protocol, they're grouped by the identifier ID.

YMMError *underlyingError = [YMMError errorWithIdentifier:@"Underlying YMMError"];
YMMError *error = [YMMError errorWithIdentifier:@"YMMError identifier"
                                        message:@"Another custom message"
                                     parameters:@{ @"foo": @"bar" }
[YMMYandexMetrica reportError:error onFailure:nil];
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Don't use variable values as grouping IDs. Otherwise, the number of groups increases and it becomes difficult to analyze them.