Deeplink tracking

Deeplinks are links that show the user the desired content in an already installed app. Deeplinks can work when the app is launched and in an already open app.

Note. To work with deeplinks, support them in your application on Android or iOS.

Starting with version 4.0 of the iOS/Android SDK, deeplink tracking works automatically when the app is opened. To enable and disable automatic tracking, use the SDK method withAppOpenTrackingEnabled for Android and the appOpenTrackingEnabled ( Objective-C | Swift ) property for iOS.

Simultaneous automatic and manual deeplink tracking when opening the app doesn't duplicate information in reports.

Deeplink inside the app

Deeplinks can be used not only to launch the app, but also to navigate when the app is already open.

The AppMetrica SDK doesn't automatically track deeplinks that are processed in a running application. To track such deeplinks, you must additionally configure tracking for iOS and Android.