In-App purchases

A mobile app can earn revenue from ad impressions (Ad Revenue) and in-app purchases (IAP Revenue).

AppMetrica allows you to collect information about purchases in the app and track statistics in the Revenue report. For more information, see Sending in-app purchases on Android and iOS.

  1. Automatic tracking of in-app purchases
  2. Tracking metrics
  3. Currency conversion
  4. Validating purchases
  5. Grouping purchases
  6. Debugging Revenue sending
  7. Paid subscriptions in the App Store

Automatic tracking of in-app purchases

For iOS and Android, starting with SDK version 4.0, automatic data collection for in-app purchases is available. To enable and disable automatic collection, use the SDK method withRevenueAutoTrackingEnabled for Android and the revenueAutoTrackingEnabled ( Objective-C | Swift ) property for iOS.

If your app has manual collection of purchases set up and automatic collection enabled, then you can choose which data on purchases to show in reports in the AppMetrica settings in the Revenue section: collected manually, automatically collected, or both.

Changing these settings does not affect data collection itself. After you change these settings, the data in the reports for previous periods will also change.

Attention. To track subscription renewals, set up revenue sending at each renewal.

Tracking metrics

You can use the Revenue report data to evaluate:
  • The success of new app features using the ARPU metric.
  • User reaction to price changes using the ARPPU metric.
  • Popular products in the app.
  • Geography of purch