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AppMetrica lets you collect and analyze information about app crashes in the Crashes report.

Key crash analysis features in AppMetrica:

Automatic uploading of mapping and dSYM files when building an app

Information about crashes on Android can be sent in an obfuscated form and about crashes on iOS in an unsymbolicated form. It's difficult to extract data for analysis from these crash logs. To analyze crash logs, upload mapping and dSYM files to AppMetrica.

AppMetrica supports automatic uploading of mapping and dSYM files when building an app and manually uploading them via the web interface. For more information, see:

Grouping data

Crash logs are grouped into crash groups by stack trace. All devices where this crash occurs are displayed in a crash group. From each crash group, you can view the crash log from a specific device.

Opening/closing a crash
You can close fixed crashes to filter them from the report. If a closed crash is detected in versions where it wasn't previously detected, the crash is re-opened.
Integrating a profile card
To view the events that preceded the crash, go from the crash log to a profile card.
Comments on crashes
You can add a comment for each crash group. For example, you can insert a link to an issue in Yandex.Tracker in a comment.