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AppMetrica SmartLink — One tracking link for all platforms

When launching an advertising campaign on a desktop site, via e-mail or offline one problem will be relevant for many projects: how to lead the user to the correct store for installation?

After all, the application is available immediately for several mobile platforms and published on Google Play, App Store and Windows Store. There are three destination URLs but only one can be used for placement!

E.g. A good way to place a link in a paper flyer is QR code. Separate QR codes for iOS, Android and Windows will leave your future users confused.

AppMetrica SmartLink solves this problem

When creating a tracking link for the advertising campaign the interface will prompt you to specify four target links: for Android, iOS, Windows and desktop.

AppMetrica will determine the target link by which you want to send the user to the appropriate store. If the user came from the desktop — it can be sent to the promo site or to the web version of the service.

When setting up a smart link, note that the versions of the application for different platforms should use the same AppMetrica API key. This is necessary for the correct operation of tracking.

SmartLink is not available for Google AdWords.

Creating such a link is not more difficult than usual. We described he process in the documentation.

Still have questions? We will be glad to answer them in the comments!