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New reports: User Acquisition and Audience

We continue updating our reports. Last time there were a new expanded cohort analysis, and today we present a re-interpreted version of the report on traffic sources - User Acquisition and combine all information on users in the Audience.

User Acquisition

Our new report replaced the Traffic sources.

Now we display more useful information at a time. There are 3 new columns: Deeplinks, Sessions and Loyal users. Conversion event column became more detailed. All the changes and new columns will be described below.


AppMetrica can now calculate how many times users opened deeplink from the tracker. This is useful when you need to estimate how effective the banner was, even for those who already installed the application and are not new users.

Sessions and Loyal users

The number of sessions is a good indicator of traffic quality. It shows how often the attracted users open the app.

Loyal users are the people who have made a certain number of sessions since the installation. This metric is configurable, depending on the specifics of your app.


Tracking KPIs for targeted events on advertising partners has become more handy. In the User Acquisition report you can now add up to 5 events. You will see their number in the context of traffic source, as well as the number of users who committed the action, conversion rate and the number of events per user.


The report can be grouped by partners, trackers and parameters of the tracking URL (sub_id, creative_id and others). This means that you can easily compare the effectiveness of the same creatives on different advertising partners.

More information for your ad partners

The User Acquisition report replaced the Traffic sources. This means that users with agency access will now see it in their interface.

Looking at the number of events, sessions and loyal users, the partner will be able to optimize traffic more effectively.

By the way, cohort reports are also available in the partner interface.


All reports on users are now situated in the Audience section.

By default the numbers of active and new users are grouped by date. Also, the audience can be grouped by location, gender and age.

Come and try!

New reports are already available in our interface. Go to AppMetrica and check them out. We will be glad to receive your suggestions in the comments section and on