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AppMetrica and the new Google AdWords interface

Google AdWords will finally switch to a new interface and tracking methods by the end of march — the old integration will stop working. Just in this case, we supported the new AdWords API.

If you have any campaigns in the old interface and AppMetrica tracking is configured through conversions, please export conversions in the new interface and set up Links IDs for AppMetrica and AdWords accounts.

What to do?

1. Import conversions which were created in the old interface

2. Create Link ID for AppMetrica in AdWords

3. Specify this Link ID in the AppMetrica tracker settings

We recommend setting up tracking for the new scheme as soon as possible, so that it continues to work even after the old AdWords interface will be shut down.

Detailed instructions, as usual — in our documentation.

Still have questions? Let us know in the comments or via e-mail — !