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AppMetrica mobile app: all the stats in your pocket

Exploring key metrics on a smartphone or tablet has become more convenient. Introducing the first version of our mobile app!

All reports in compact form

Now all the reports fit the screen of the mobile device. You can group them, switch sampling and apply segmentation by platform: iOS, Android or Windows.

Customizable dashboard

The most important reports can be placed on a dashboard. You will see them immediately after opening the app.

Managing test devices

No need to look for the identifier in the device settings and rewrite to the web interface. Just set one of the switches in our application, and the device will be added to the list automatically.

Here you can see and share the identifiers. For example, send them to our support team.

Managing guest access

Give access to the application to a colleague or an advertising partner by taking the smartphone out of your pocket.

In this menu you can see all the permissions given. They can be edited or recalled.

And there will be more

This is our app's first visit to the world. It's already available on Google Play and the App Store. There will be more features in the future updates.

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