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See a detailed analysis of your app's conversions in Funnels

AppMetrica has a new report: Funnels. It helps you incrementally track conversions in user scenarios and see where improvements can be made: whether it's taking a tutorial, registering, or placing an order. The report consists of an interactive graph that displays conversions at each stage of the funnel, as well as a table with sections divided by operating system, region, and sociodemographic profile.

Why funnels are useful

They improve user scenarios. When creating a funnel, you can specify up to 10 steps that the user performs within the scenario. Build a funnel for the registration process in an app and you get insight into which fields users most often get caught on and how the form can be improved to increase its conversion rate.

Adapt the app to different types of users. In Funnels, you can put together new segments or use ones already created in AppMetrica. For example, compare the behavior of users who purchase in-game currency for the first time with that of regular buyers: the former usually needs additional tips and explanations, while for the latter, it's important to quickly receive bonuses and continue the game. You can add different purchase scenarios to the app for each segment. Compare funnels for traffic, device types, and rates.

Analyze complex sales. Use "and/or" constructions to track sales of multiple products within the same scenario. Let's say you are working on an Upsale strategy and want to understand which cases sell best with smartphones. Create funnels for each product combination and determine the highest conversion rate:

  • Bought a European OR Chinese smartphone, and then bought a case: silicone AND for less than ₽2000.
  • Bought a European OR Chinese smartphone and then bought a case: shockproof AND for more than ₽2000.

What else the report shows

You can specify events from AppMetrica or conditions associated with these events as stages in a funnel. This means a step can be considered passed after the user opens a video and proceeds watches it more than twice.

Additional settings in the funnel creation menu:

Events between steps. Select Allowed if the user can perform events during the scenario that are not included in the funnel. For example, the feedback funnel consists of three actions: opening a menu, tapping the feedback button, and filling out a form. The scenario will be counted even if, after opening the menu, the user first went to the help section and then clicked the feedback button. Select Forbidden when intermediate steps are not allowed.

Event registration. By default, events are registered from different sessions. This means that the user can watch a trial lesson one day, and purchase a course later. These two sessions will appear in the funnel as one combined scenario. If tracking activity within a particular session is important, select From one session.

Dimensions. With the Users dimension, the funnel only displays events that users themselves performed while they were in the app. The Devices dimension also includes events that occur in the background: for example, when the user switched the app to background mode.

To work with Funnels, you don't need to update the SDK or connect anything extra: the report is already available in AppMetrica. Create your first funnel and make improvements to your app based on data about audience behavior, instead of your own intuition.