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AppMetrica & Branch Integration

Now it becomes easier to track installs received via Branch deferred deep linking service. Thanks to AppMetrica & Branch integration you will be able to get all the necessary information about the Branch campaigns (clicks, installs, opens, custom events) in a convenient form, and analyze Branch performance along with other advertising partners.

Statistics on Branch campaigns are presented in familiar form –  just check your AppMetrica Traffic sources report:

You can also use collected data for audience segmentation and other product reports. Just filter the Retention report by appropriate parameters and compare, for example, the effectiveness of re-engaging Push campaign vs. SMS campaign (which included Branch deep links):

How to set up tracking for Branch campaigns:

Please, note: tracking integration is a premium Branch feature.

1.       Create new AppMetrica tracker selecting "Branch" in the partner list, and then copy the resulting tracking link.

2.       Add AppMetrica to your Branch dashboard putting the saved tracking link (Branch documentation).

3.       Configure deep links as usual and return to AppMetrica for reports.