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AppMetrica On-Going - First Release of September

Meet the first release of the coming fall. Here’s a brief overview of features and changes. 

Dynamic dates in segmentation

Now you can create a segment with conditions including ‘sliding’ dates. In addition to ‘between DATE1 and DATE2’  bounds condition can contain ‘The last N days’ or ‘Since DATE to Present Day’

This allows to create segment with conditions like ‘Users who installed the app during the last week and haven’t made a purchase during last week’. You may want to save this segment and access it in a quick way in all the reports - e.g. study geography and in-app behavior of such users. Date range in the segment’s conditions will be shifted automatically so you won’t need to update the segment.

This also comes in as a must-have feature when creating a retargeting segment like ‘users who haven’t launched an app in the last 30 days’ for Yandex.Audiences.

Switch to percentage view in Audiences

We’ve added a handy percent view in Audience report so you can easily estimate a share of each dimension in the report.

Silent push notifications

Checkbox ‘Silent’ is now available in our Push Campaigns. This allows to build an actual audience at the first step of Push Composer and check out messages delivery rate and number of alive users in the selected audience. You’ll get the numbers and your users won’t see a thing and get disturbed.

Just drop us a line at If you want to discuss the feature or simply have a question.

Listen, learn, read on,
AppMetrica Team