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AppMetrica On-Going — Some spring news

This is a new batch of minor updates. Major news is coming up soon! 


Push campaign builder shows the number of “live” tokens 

One of the problems with push tokens is that Apple and Google services periodically revoke them. As a result, the number of people receiving push notifications is likely to be less than the original size of the push campaign audience. 

Instead of showing you the number of users in a segment, AppMetrica now shows how many of them have a push token. This number is much closer to the actual number of recipients. To regularly refresh the number of active tokens, enable updating tokens in the app settings.














Push API campaigns are listed with the other push campaigns

Previously, Push API campaigns were only shown in reports. Now they are shown in the list of campaigns. To enable showing campaigns from the API, select the option:

To go directly from the list to the campaign report, click the Report link for the campaign.


Restoring trackers from the archive 

When trackers are archived, they aren't gone for good. But until now, the only way to restore a tracker was to contact Support. Now the app owner can access the archive directly. To view archived trackers, select this option: 









This is also where you can restore a tracker from the archive. After it is restored, statistics will resume being collected: 


We have a lot more to come, so stay tuned! 

The AppMetrica Team 

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roopesh shenoy
7 June 2018, 14:56
Hi team,

I'm a new user for appmetrica, and so far I'm very impressed with the flexibility and the features. However I'm not sure how to get help and the documentation is a bit sparse - particularly, we need to import old events that we have in our old analytics system (almost a year worth of events, some 40 million) and I'm trying to see how we can do that with App metrica. 

If we can get the import figured out, we can use app metrica without any issues. 

Could you help us figure this out?