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AppMetrica On-Going — February updates

Our new release: richer push campaigns became richer on options, cohort analysis learned to count not only events, but also users.

New push campaign settings

Advanced push settings for iOS are supplemented with message sound:

You can send a notification silently if you don't want to disturb the user. He will see push when pulls the phone out of his pocket and unlocks it.

There are even more new options in Android. Add a large picture, change the background color of some elements and set the priority as you like:

Even the LED indicator is adjustable: its color can be set in tone with your app's icon. The "Expiration time" option which was previously available only for iOS is now in Android. Just like in iOS, the notification sound can be disabled, but you can also forcibly turn vibration on or off.

New push settings will help you make campaigns more flexible, functional and fancy.

Users in a cohort analysis

Cohort analysis is a report for those who want to track the goals. It shows how many times users have performed a certain action by a certain date.

We also added the number of users who had this event:

We remind that cohort reports are able to display information breaking it not only by the install dates but also by traffic sources: partners, trackers or even sub_id's.

Number of users is a new metric for analysis. We hope that it will help you optimize your advertising channels and make the application even more effective.


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