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AppMetrica and iOS 10

In iOS 10 Apple brings some changes to its guidelines and policies which might affect AppMetrica functionality.

No need to worry: AppMetrica iOS SDK 2.6.0 is fully compatible with new guidelines. Please make sure to update AppMetrica SDK to version 2.6.0 (or higher).

What's new?

Briefly - you won't notice a thing. Attribution and reports will continue operating as usual. But here are some cool details.

All-Zeroes IDFA

iOS 10 IDFA will be all zeroes (like 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000) for users who set up "Limit ad tracking" feature. In fact nothing crucial was changed here. In previous iOS versions IDFA value was randomized hence it was useless as well.

According to our data some iOS users know and use "Limit ad Tracking" feature.

AppMetrica engages its own mechanism for device identification and not affected by that.

Hidden SafariViewController

Apple clearly states that SafariViewController can not be used for user tracking any longer. In iOS 10 developer meets the following restrictions:
1. View's hidden attribute can not be set to true.
2. View should have alpha more than 5%, be at least 1 pixel width and height and can not be obscured by another view. Also SafariViewController must be placed in visible zone of the active application Window.

Few months ago AppMetrica iOS SDK got support for 100% accurate referrer-based tracking. Unfortunately this feature is no longer available and iOS attribution will rely on fingerprint as it had been before (just for media sources not supporting IDFA).

And here is a split of media sources by support for identificators or referrer vs fingerprint.

We recommend to request IDFA support from all ad networks and agencies you partner with. Passing IDFA to AppMetrica is easy and straightforward.

Please feel free to contact us on any concerns with App Store review procedure related to AppMetrica.