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Advanced Tracker Settings

World of mobile performance marketing is really buzzing now. Traffic partners offer lots of cost models (CPI, CPA, CPE, combined etc.), medias and formats.

Install attribution platforms became a crucial component of app promotion process. Trackers are in full response for controlling the conversion process and keeping it transparent, and should provide creditable reports.

Professional marketers want tracking platfroms to be more flexible and open. Listening to that AppMetrica launches Advanced Tracker Settings – feature for full control over our attribution policies.

Attribution window and re-attribution policy at campaign level

We've enabled adjustable look-back windows for different kinds of attribution methods:

Also now you can allow or deny reattribution for each tracking link separately – enabling measurement of remarketing campaigns.

Configuration is available on a tracker page:

Disabling Fingerprint

When your ad partner supports passing Google AID and IDFA in tracking link you may want to fully disable Fingerprinting.

This is also available on a tracker page:

Re-engagement window for event postbacks

Post-install postbacks are useful and important for your ad partner and allowing better campaign optimization. In case when your partner on a CPA basis – reliable event postbacks are required.

Now you can tell AppMetrica if you want the postback to be fired just for the first target event occurrence or for all of them.

Re-engagement window – period between app installation and target event. Now you can control it.

E.g. if your app has a target event named "Call" and your ad partner works on CPA basis you can agree that "Call" event will be attributed to the partner only if occured during the first 30 days after install. Sounds quite fair – if user generates "Call" event 6 months after the install it should better be attributed to the product quality or some push campaign.

One more thing

Starting from this release AppMetrica implies an obligatory CPI-postback for tracking links of some preferred ad partners. This means that when you create a tracking link for such ad partner (e.g. MyTarget) AppMetrica automatically adds pre-defined install postback which can't be removed or edited.

To learn more about attribution policies, methods and configuration of all this stuff in AppMetrica – please referrer to our guides. We would love to get your feedback on