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The New Mobile Analytics and Tracking: Real Time, All in One, Free for All

We are glad to present you a revamped version of our mobile app analytics platform that now features a powerful mobile ad tracking solution in addition to the pre-existing tools – user analytics and crash reports. Now AppMetrica covers all three key domains for marketers, publishers and developers with a single SDK.

The new AppMetrica provides detailed ad campaign reporting. You can drill down to analyse how well different creatives and ad placements are performing, see tracking link parameters breakdowns, and get user engagement reports by applying cohort analysis with retention and event conversion rates which gives a really insightful analysis of traffic quality.

Though we keep integrating AppMetrica with various ad networks we have also added “self-service” function that allows users manually integrate traffic sources they need and set up postbacks in a few easy steps. There is another useful improvement allowing you to create re-engagement campaigns and redirect already existing users straight into your mobile app using deeplinks.

Hardcore marketers have the opportunity to pull raw data from AppMetrica via its API so you can create in-house custom reports or use it in your proprietary software.

And one more special thing for game developers – our Unity plugin. Hope they will enjoy it.

Check out all fresh documentation here and stay tuned!